Rainbow Bridge

This page is dedicated to the 566 dogs who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge either while under the care of PugHearts or with their adopted families.

Although it is always sad to lose any dog to the Bridge, we are comforted in the knowledge that they knew they were loved. Because of generous donations from people like you, even terminally ill hospice dogs have a chance to experience love and compassion in their final days.

Over the Rainbow

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Ace is a handsome black male.

He comes to us from a local shelter so not much is known about his background.

We estimate he is between 7 to 8 years old.

He is heartworm negative.

He has been brought current on his vaccinations and microchipped.

He will be neutered prior to placement.

Right now Ace is not feeling very well - he is currently suffering from an upper respiratory infection.

He is currently on antibiotics to help him recover and is doing very well.

His appetite has improved and he is now up and around without any difficulty.

He is expected to make a full recovery but for now he is still not 100%.

We will update his status as he gets better.

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Albert is a sweet fawn male.

He is 11 years old.

He was an owner surrender to a local shelter.

Albert is not very well as he is severe heartworm positive.

Due to his poor general health he is not a candidate for aggressive heartworm treatment.

Albert is on medical hold and is now considered a hospice patient.

Any donations towards his medical bills would be greatly appreciated.

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Betty is a fawn female.

She was found wandering the streets by a Good Samaritan who took her in but could not keep her.

We believe she is about 6 years old.

She is a bit overweight and needs a diet.

She has been brought up to date on her vaccinations, microchipped and is spayed.

Betty is a very sweet laid back girl.

She loves a good back rub.

She is good with kids and gives lots of kisses.

You never have to guess where Betty is because she stays right at your feet.

It only takes a small glance in her direction and her entire body is wagging with her little tail.

Betty is a very sweet natured dog.

She is great about letting you know when she needs to use the bathroom, she will go to the closest door and stand.

If that doesn't work she will scratch on the door.

Betty would be completely happy being an only dog but would also do great with another dog as long as she can be alpha.

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Bosley is an adorable fawn male with a distinguished touch of gray to his face.

We estimate he is about 10 years old.

This poor little guy was found wandering the streets all alone.

How someone could have let go of this sweetie-pie is a mystery!

Bosley has been neutered, microchipped, brought up to date on his vaccinations and given a full teeth cleaning.

He has a bit of arthritis in his left hip.

Bosley is a wonderful little guy.

He is very well mannered, housebroken and knows basic commands.

He gets along beautifully with other dogs as well as children.

However, his sole purpose in life is to get you to rub his belly!

This guy will drop on his back in a heartbeat to get that rubbin'!

He is a very happy, social guy who has a lot of zest for life.

If you love the seniors, but want one that doesn't act like an old fogey, then Bosley just might be your fella!

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Buddy is a sweet fawn male.

He was found on a busy road having been hit by a car and left for dead.

He was taken in by a Good Samaritan.

He was found to have a fractured spine and had surgery to fuse the fracture.

He has lost all control of any muscles below his waist, including his bladder and use of his lower extremities.

We have been battling to care for Buddy as best as we can.

However, he suffered a dislocation to his elbow.

He had an open reduction of the elbow.

Unfortunately it became dislocated almost immediately and had to be put back into place and a splint placed on him.

This left him completely immobile.

Due to his extreme distress and the lack of future quality of life, we have let Buddy go to Rainbow Bridge.

He is now pain free and able to run again.

Bless you sweet Buddy!

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Bentley is a 10 year old fawn male.

He is an owner surrender.

He is moderately heartworm positive and has begun conservative treatment.

He is current on his vaccinations and has been neutered.

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Agnus is a fawn female.

She came to us from a local shelter.

We estimate she is between 8 to 10 years of age.

Photo not available

Baby is a black female.

She is 9 years old.

She comes to us as an owner surrender due to medical & financial issues.

Poor Baby has not been feeling well and her owner could not afford to take care of her.

Our vet found she was suffering from bladder stones.

She had surgery and 2 large stones were removed from her kidney.

She feels so much better now!

She will need to be on special food to help prevent more stones forming, but otherwise has no issues.

She did have her left eye removed quite some time ago but that does not cause her any problems.

She has been spayed, microchipped and is current on her vaccinations.

She is heartworm negative.

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Buddha is a sweet fawn male.

He came to us from a local shelter.

We estimate he is about 8 years old.

He is heartworm negative and has been neutered.

He is current on his vaccinations and microchipped.

He is also housetrained and goes to the back door when he needs outside.

From Buddha's Foster: Buddha has fit in perfectly around here.

He is my shadow when I am home, can always be found at my feet.

We have been walking in the neighborhood each evening and Buddha rather enjoys this.

We have done up to a mile depending on the temperature outside and he does quite well.

I think he would do well as part of a group or an only pet.

He will play if played with but rarely initiates the playing.

You know I think that anyone who can put up with my dog is a saint!

He is a very calm gentleman that loves to be close to his human.

He also seems to enjoy laying out on the deck "sunning" for brief periods.

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Bogart is a gorgeous fawn male.

He comes to us from a local shelter so we don't know his history.

We estimate he is about 2 years old.

He is being neutered and brought current on his vaccinations.

Bogart's foster reports that he "is a great dog and really really coming into the puggie he always should have been from the day he was born."

8/24/2021 Bogart #374, passed away last week.

He was adopted by Liz Vartkessian and Jonny Moreland and was renamed Bunk.

He was loved beyond words.

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Angelina is a fawn female.

She comes to us from a local shelter.

From Angelina's foster: Angelina is one sweet little girl.

She hasn't received much care in her past life but that has all changed now.

She is being treated for her demodex mange and is showing signs of new hair growth.

nce all her hair has grown back she is going to be a light fawn color.

She has a face any pug would envy, she's really a beauty!

She also has exceptional eyes.

She is quite playful, she loves to play tug o' war and play with the stuffed toys (or they were stuffed until someone found the stuffing and pulled it all out :)) She is quite a good cuddler also.

She will play for awhile and then all of a sudden I'll notice that I have one more pug on my lap snoring.

Her house habits are exceptionally good for someone of her age, in fact she is an all round well behaved little girl.

She has a very high pitched speaking voice so we're working on not using it as much, but that's about the only thing that needs improvement with Angelina.

I believe that if she has a choice she would like to have a furry brother or sister, but would do well as an only pet if she received enough exercise.

She is friendly to everyone and I think would do well with children, she isn't overly aggressive with her play habits and I don't think she would knock them over by jumping on them when playing.

Angelina will be a very welcome addition to almost any active home.

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Allie is a fawn female.

She is about 6 years old.

She comes to us from a local shelter.

She is heartworm negative.

Sweet little Allie is deaf and blind so she will need a home that is a safe environment.

She is currently suffering from demodectic mange but she is on medication that will clear that shortly.

She has not yet been spayed but will be prior to placement.

From Allie's foster: I've had Allie for a month now and she blossoms a little more every day.

Contrary to what we initially believed she is not deaf, in fact I think she has fairly good hearing.

She's like a child, she has selective hearing.

I can be trying to find her and she acts like she can't hear me call her but you just let me open a bag of chips and she goes bonkers when she hears the bag crackle, that is definitely not deaf.

She has started responding on a more consistent basis to her name being called.

I believe the combination of a new name, the blindness and a new environment confused her.

Allie is an angel with a capital A!

She loves to be held and will lay in my lap as long as I will sit still.

She also likes to roam around the house, she is learning where things are and she seems to be enjoying herself.

I was quite surprised to discover that she is housetrained.

I put her out with the other guys and she does her business.

I do have to go outside to bring her in most of the time, when I call her she can't seem to locate where my voice is coming from.

But this is a vast improvement from a month ago, she use to just sit in the corner of the yard and wait for me to find her.

She will actually come to the door if she's close enough to find it now.

Allie is also beautiful, she has such an expressive face and will just stare at me with her big brown eyes like she is really seeing me when I talk to her.

Her ears will be perked up and she will cock her head from side to side.

Allie deserves to have someone love her and give her the attention that she deserves.

She really isn't a demanding little lady, she just wants to be loved.

Please consider taking Allie into your heart and family, you will be forever grateful that she came into your life.

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Angus is a black male.

He comes to us from a local shelter.

We believe he is about 10 years old.

He is heartworm negative but suffers from severe dry eye.

He also has arthritic hips.

He has been neutered, microchipped and brought current on his vaccinations.

From Angus' foster: Meet Angus!

Angus is a sweet 10 year old pug man.

We aren't too sure what Angus' life was like before coming to us, but he's learning his way around his new foster life.

He can't hear or see too much, but it doesn't slow his curious nature down.

He has learned his way around our home and has his favorite spots to nap.

He does well with other dogs, in fact he usually finds one to snuggle up with.

Angus needs the perfect home where he can enjoy his days being loved for the wonderful puggy he is!

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Story coming soon

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** Buzzer passed on the August 9th 2013 ** We lost our special boy due to liver shunts our poor little monkey most likely had his whole life.

He was my special boy and I will miss him furever.

**************** Buzzer is a Brindle pug mix.

He is 3 years old.

He comes to us from a local shelter.

He is in good health.

He is heartworm negative.

He has been neutered, microchipped and is current on his vaccinations.

From Buzzer's foster: Buzzer is probably THE sweetest pug I have ever met!

He loves other dogs of all ages and kids.

He is timid and shy until he gets to know you, but once he warms up to you he will always be by your side.

He is very laid-back for a younger pug.

His favorite pastime is lounging on the couch, or on the arm of the couch (he seems to think he's a kitty!)

When he gets tired he will go to his bed and go to sleep.

He also likes to play tug-o-war with our other puppies.

He likes car rides and gets along great with our old fat cat.


Photo not available

Bailey is a fawn female.

She is 11 years old.

From Bailey's foster: Bailey is an 11-year-old fawn gal that is sweet as pie.

She loves all people, dogs and even cats though people are her favorite.

She is constantly stopping in front of people and waving her paw at them to get their attention.

She will pat you with her paw and "talk" as well when she wants attention.

She loves to be touched and told she is a good girl...she absolutely lights up and wiggles all over when she is told she is a good girl.

I call it her "good girl dance" because she dances.

Her house manners are impeccable.

She tells you when she has to go out and does not care to linger; she goes out, does her business then wants to come back in the house.

Bailey is a special needs gal; she has dry eye and is a doll about getting her ointment in her eyes.

She also has some kidney issues as well, and at this point requires special prescription food only; it does not affect her quality of life or her ability to potty outside.

This gem of a senior lost her home due to no fault of her own, and still has a lot of love to give to that special someone who can overlook her age and her needs.

Won't you consider adding a sweet senior to your home?

Photo not available

Avery is a 6 year old fawn female.

She was found by a kind person that did her best to get her well.

She was heartworm positive and was treated prior to her coming to us.

She is a happy, beautiful girl.

Everyone that meets Avery falls in love with her.

A month ago Avery has a lump in her neck.

We treated it and it came back.

Avery had surgery to remove the fluid in her neck.

A week later, the swelling occured in the other side of her neck.

The fluid was then drained and sent for testing.

Sadly, Avery was diagnosed with lymphoma.

We will continue to love and care for her.

Our goal is comfort and to make her as happy possible.

Photo not available

Bohdi was a fawn female owner surrender who was only 3 years old.

She came to us suffering from Lymphoma.

She became a hospice pug, living out her last days in a loving foster home.

Bohdi has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

She is now the life of the party there.

This girl was adored by all that met her.

She was the lunch time companion to the vet crew on a regular basis.

She was Becca's personal party planner and hostess.

She will be missed greatly.

Photo not available

BeBe was a fawn female.

She was found wandering the streets with no tags or microchip.

We believe she was about 3-4 years old.

BeBe came to us pregnant and with a horrible case of pneumonia.

In just the short time that we had her, she had to endure the death of all her puppies, a bout with sarcoptic mange, bladder infections, getting spayed and finally heart worm treatment.

Had she made it through her treatment, she would’ve lived happily ever after in our home.

Bebe, you left us too soon.

We will never forget how lovable you were.

You brought us so much joy and we will all miss you terribly.

I find solace in knowing that you are in heaven with your babies and you will never suffer again.

Bebe, you gave me 6 months of the best love filled months of my life.

You were a very special friend in so many ways.

I will never forget you.

Until we meet again, love always (your baby daddy).

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Allison and ashley

Allison and Ashley were puppies from Addison's litter.

They were both born very small and failed to thrive.

Both passed peacefully and are now together forever.

Photo not available

Blossom is a black female.

We estimate she is about 10 years old.

She is heartworm negative.

She has some dry eye and a little arthritis, but is SO HAPPY with everything!

Who could resist this face?

Sadly, Blossom passed away March 2012, just one year after finding her perfect forever home.

Her parents write: In March of 2011 we adopted Blossom and our lives were changed forever by that sweet little girl; it was one of the best years of our lives.

Blossom’s smile and amazing personality brought so much joy into our home.

Our cats got a more enhanced workout running from her, but they loved her despite the occasional chase.

She taught us that everyone deserves the best in life no matter if you are at the beginning of your journey or towards the end.

Blossom gave us an unforgettable year; such a small creature made an immeasurable impact in our lives.

Blossom enjoyed every day, she was always happy to see us and cuddle, she knew when meal time was and made it a laughable occasion every time with her endearing demanding bark while showing those tiny four little white bottom teeth.

She was like my best friend, we were rarely apart when I was home, and that feeling of unconditional love is something you cannot put a price on.

It seems that Blossom had that effect on everyone she met, and we just feel so blessed that she got to be part of our family this year.

Photo not available

Bob is a senior male black pug who was found as a stray by a nice family in Baytown.

He is significantly overweight and has a very rough coat with hair loss on his tail and hindquarters but a very sweet disposition.

He needs specialist surgery for hernia repair and we will provide additional updates as he is treated.

We are so sad to report that Bob crossed the bridge today, July 6, 2011.

We lost him so quickly but are thankful that he did not suffer.

Sweet beautiful Bob will be sorely missed.

Photo not available

Betty was such a sweet, adorable little girl.

Her eyes would melt your heart and her personality made it impossible for you not to love her immediately.

She always had this cute smile on her face every time you would look at her.

She was so affectionate and loved to snuggle up and give you hugs and kisses.

To make you laugh and get your attention she would jump on her back legs and howl at you.


Betty crossed the rainbow bridge on May 19, 2012.

Even though we only had her for a short time we were blessed to have her part of our family.

We love you, miss you, and will never forget you Betty… Until we meet again, Debra

Photo not available

Bitsy passed away in her sleep in the night of November 25/26th 2012.

We estimate that she was 16 years old.

Mike and Shawna adored this girl and she knew nothing but love for the end of her life.

Photo not available

Brewer is an 11 year old senior fawn male who was surrendered to a local shelter to be put down because he was sick.

He is heartworm negative, but he does have a cough and some difficulty breathing.

His gait is a bit wobbly, and he may have either neurological or spinal problems … but it just may be related to his age and weight.

He is good-natured, has an adorable squishy face, and a luxuriant coat.

Unfortunately, Brewer was suffering from a collapsing trachea.

He was not a candidate for surgery, so we put him on medications to ease his coughing and swelling.

Sadly, his heart was unable to sustain him.

We lost him October 19, 2011.

Brewer was a sweet, loving boy who was his foster dad's shadow.

He only had eyes for him, though all of us girls fell in love with this big squishy guy.

He allowed us to cuddle him, but saved his adoration for his dad.

We are so sorry to lose this guy, as he really stole our hearts.

Rest well sweet boy.

Photo not available

Brandi is a fawn female.

We believe she is 3 or 4 years old.

She comes to us from a friend of PugHearts who saw an ad for her on a local internet site.

When she picked her up she knew something wasn't right.

Brandi was being re-sold after her new owner bought her form an out of town website and realised something about her wasn't right.

It turns out Brandi was suffering from a horrible infection that had started in her teeth & gums and has progressed through her jaw and even into her eye sockets and sinus cavities.

She has undergone surgery to try and remove all the infected tissue and bone, but we won't know how successful it has been for a while.

Meanwhile Brandi is on massive doses of antibiotics.

Amazingly, despite everything she is going through, Brandi is a sweetheart of a girl who loves to give kisses and talk to people.

She is severely underweight - probably because it has been too painful for her to eat properly for ages - but has an appetite and is eating soft food now.

We hope that we have got her in time and that we can save her.

We will post updates as her case unfolds.

We lost Brandi on the morning of Veterans Day 2011 11/11/11.

Rest well little one.

Run at the Bridge with your new friends.

Photo not available

It is with deep sadness that I post this news...my beautiful girl Belle will be crossing the Rainbow Bridge to be with Blossom and Clint this afternoon.

We are waiting so her momma Tracee Mireles can be there to say goodbye.

Her health has been in a steady decline for the past year (she has been loosing the use of her back legs).

Today I found out that her bladder is full of stones again.

I love her too much to even consider surgery, so today my little angel gets her wings.

Quality not quantity is what I always tell my babies.

It hurts so bad, but I love her enough to let her go.

She enjoyed a hamburger, time with Momma Karen and a nap with her brothers while we wait.

Thank you Pughearts for bringing this beautiful girl into my life.

I will miss you Belle.

Until we meet again...

Photo not available
Baby ruth

Baby Ruth was a beautiful black female puppy.

She came to us from a major rescue operation out of Oklahoma City.

Unfortunately this little angel was positive for Parvo.

We lost her on March 5, 2012.

Photo not available

Bart is a black male.

He is 3 years old.

He is heartworm positive and will undergo treatment shortly.

He has been neutered, microchipped and is current on his vaccinations.

From Bart's foster: Bart is a very nice young man.

He’s only a few years old and is really quite a well behaved guy.

He will be a larger pug once he gains weight.

I’ve had him for a few months and he’s not gaining very quickly.

But he has heartworms so he won’t gain much until his is treated.

He should be on schedule to be adopted around the end of November.

Bart is pretty quiet (unless the dog next door starts barking when he’s outside ?).

He had a little trouble with his house manners when he first arrived but that has been fixed and he’s quite the good house companion now.

He is a lap pug, he will crawl on my lap and just go limp with pleasure.

Right now he is in a cone of shame, he has a hot spot on his back that he just won’t leave alone.

Every time it heals up and I take the collar off he goes after it again, so it seems he is stubborn too.

He is quite a good pug and will really do well in a home that has plenty of love to share.

He is a little playful now and when he feels better after his treatment I anticipate he will be quite playful.

He will make a great family dog.

Photo not available

Arlo is a black male.

He is 8 years old.

He is heartworm negative, neutered and current on his vaccinations.

From Arlo's foster: Arlo is a sweet and gentle soul who just adores attention.

He is heartworm negative and about 8 to 9 years old.

He loves to sleep next to you on the couch or bed, and follows you through the house.

He does okay on stairs but I tell him to slow down and he does.

He talks and screams if you are not paying attention to him, but the attention he needs is minimal.

He often just wants to be up with you.

Arlo defines couch potato pug, but I wouldn’t expect less from an older gent who is happy to be indoors.

He has learned to use a doggy door which has solved his problem with house breaking.

He loves going out the door and though he doesn't see that well any more he will find the door and go in and out all day long.

He does need to go out frequently and does have some kidney issues but does not require meds.

He does have a collapsing treacha and does require meds twice a day.

Photo not available

Britt is a fawn female.

She was found wandering the streets with no tags or microchip.

We believe she is about 2 years old.

Sadly, Britt crossed over to Rainbow Bridge on 08/29/12 following complications from her spay.

We are so sorry for her loss as we barely had time to get to know this delightful young girl.

As you can see from her photo, she was a sweet, happy, loving girl.

Photo not available

Ash is a 6 year old black male pug.

He was surrendered to us with his brother Nash.

They are a bonded pair and love each other very much.

They play, snuggle and sleep next to each other every moment.

Ash is heartworm positive and will have to go through treatment.

He has some degenerative disk issues and this causes him to have a strange walk.

He is still energetic and playful and nothing slows this beautiful boy down.

He uses my doggie door and is good about his house manners.

Ash loves life and adores his people.

He wishes for a family that will love he and his brother forever and make them a part of their family and lives.

Ash crossed to the Rainbow Bridge on the 23rd February 2013.

Ash was loved.

Nash will miss him and so will we.

We love you our twisted little man.


Photo not available
Bo jingles

Sadly, Bo Jingles passed on the 11th February 2013.

Bo Jingles did not want Jackson to travel alone.

He let go of this world tonight and crossed the Rainbow Bridge while his foster family was out.

He was adored by all of them and will be missed terribly.

Photo not available

Buster is a fawn male.

He is 3 years old.

He came to us as an owner surrender due to him suffering from lung torsion which required emergency medical care.

From Buster's foster: Buster is a dreamy boy!

He has impeccable house manners.

He sleeps in my bed at night and crates during the day.

Buster is quite excited to see me each afternoon when I get home.

He initiates play with the other dogs but seems content to be alone with his human as well.

He has a favorite squeaky toy that he is frequently found playing with.

He had surgery just three weeks ago to remove a portion of his left lung, he has healed nicely.

Buster has amazed us all by how awesome he has done after surgery.

He looks forward to his daily walks and walks very well on the leash.

Prior to coming to PugHearts Buster was fed table food so we are still working on meal times.

He currently eats a mix of wet and dry...and he tolerates it!

Update: Sadly, Buster is now on hospice care due to a failing heart.

We promise to love and look after this beautiful boy for the remainder of his days with us.

We said goodbye to Buster on 10/10/2014 I said goodbye to my sweet Buster Pug today.

Buster came to us as a foster, was adopted, and returned to us months later as a Hospice Pug.

I can say it never gets easier and it certainly isn't fair.

You fought the good fight and stole hearts at every turn, everyone who knew Buster loved him!

I can't say thank you enough to Dr. Hendrix and the staff at Sugarland Pet Hospital, they certainly make a horrible time more tolerable.

Sleep easy my sweet, sweet BusBoy!

Photo not available

Bilbo is a fawn male.

He is a senior.

He has been neutered, microchipped and is current on his vaccinations.

He has impaired vision and does need eye drops every day.

From Bilbo's foster: Bilbo is a wonderful senior gentleman.

He is around 12 years old and has been neutered and microchipped.

He loves to sleep and eat as many pugs do and he absolutely adores belly rubs!

Bilbo needs a loving home and a plush place to live out the rest of his pug days in peace and love.

He is overlooked for some reason despite being house trained and good with small children and has been in foster care for over 2 years now.

Please consider adopting Bilbo today!!!

Bilbo is a senior pug and has a few minor medical issues that many seniors share.

He has dry eye and requires once a day drops and he takes rimadyl for arthritis.

Bilbo also has a chicken allergy and should avoid any food or treats with chicken.

Update: Bilbo crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 12/30/16.

His last years were filled with the love and care of his foster family.

Photo not available

Foster Bud is a 17-18 year-old hunk of love.

He is a senior, but apparently no one told him because he still has a lot of energy.

He may not see or hear so well anymore, but he can always smell a treat!

He gets along great with the three other pugs and the one pit mix in our house.

He loves children and doesn’t mind cats unless they run – then he must chase them!

He is a totally lazy Velcro pug who wants to be on or near you.

He is also perfectly content to hang out and chew on his Nylabone until naptime.

He is truly a wonderful old man!

Photo not available

Bitty is a fawn female.

She is 14 years old and an owner surrender.

From Bitty's foster: Bitty is an older lady with spunk!

She has very limited vision and trouble walking due to bad hips, knees and back.

(It happens to the older ones, but she does not seem to pay it much mind.)

She is heartworm negative and loves for her foster Dad to pick her up and walk around the yard so she can smell all the areas outside the fence.

She uses the doggie door and sleeps curled up under a blanket that her foster Dad tucks her into each night.

This lovely senior girl is a joy and we adore her.

Sadly Bitty crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Jan 31st 2014 surrounded by those who loved her.

James and I will miss our sweet Bitty.

Photo not available

Bruno is fawn male.

He is 12 years old.

He is heartworm negative and already neutered.

From Bruno (with some help from his foster): Bruno here!

Now I have been told I don’t look or act like a 12 year old but that is my age.

Though I have gorgeous thick fawn coat you will see a lot of black streaks down my back too.

Guess it was a mixed marriage between my parents.

As for kids you just have to lick them on the toes or face or where ever and they love it.

I have been known to socialize with cats and there is this one girl pug she is a pain at times but hey, she is a girl so I give up the toys to her because who needs the drama.

I am also an adventurous kind of guy too.

I do have to admit I am a solid build, not fat because I am into exercise and healthy diet.

The people just carry on about how fit I am and I just smile because I know what it takes to keep this manly physique.

Adopt me and I will be your indoor pet because I know how to use the pet door and you can take me out on a leash.

I am so loveable, I almost can’t handle it.

Well, signing off from Bruno!

Sadly, Bruno crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in October 2015.

Photo not available

Baxter is a fawn male.

He is about 6-7 years old and heart-worm negative.

He is an owner surrender from out of state.

From Baxter (with some help from his foster): Hi there!

I am a cutie.

I am a very laid back, happy-go-lucky, extra sweet and gentle pug.

I spend most of my days sleeping and snuggling with my foster family.

My foster family enjoys snuggling me too, because I don't shed much.

I especially love children.

I am very patient, and I let the human girls at my house dress me up.

One of my favorite things is time with my humans.

Is there room in your heart and on your couch for me?

From Baxter's Foster: Baxter is such a sweetie.

He has excellent house manners, he is just the most polite pug.

Because he is so eager to please, he is very easy to manage.

Baxter is a special needs pug due to some congenital disk and spine issues.

Sometimes he moves stiffly or seems unsteady, especially on slick surfaces.

He requires daily medication for pain and inflammation.

He was grouchy with his foster siblings a couple of times before we realized his issues; but now that his pain is managed, he is just as sweet as can be.

His activity is restricted, so he would never make a good jogging companion; however, if snuggling was an athletic event, he would win the gold.

Update 06-22-16: Baxter crossed the Rainbow Bridge today in the arms of his foster Mom.

His poor body was too weak to continue fighting so hard.

Photo not available

Bosley came to PugHearts with medical issues that were already chronic.

Alica and Dack took him in and fell in love.

Bosley leaves us knowing that we did all we could to save his life.

He is loved and will be missed so much.

Be well and run free sweet man.

We all love you.

Photo not available

The Big Bopper is an 9 year old fawn male.

He was found soaking wet and wandering all alone.

He is heartworm negative.

From Bopper's foster: I am a single fawn male and I am 9 years old, seeking a healthy relationship with a nice family.

I love long naps on my pillow, and love to use your shoe as my pillows, preferably slippers, and I will not chew on them.

I just want to feel like my fosters are by me at all times.

I do not like being on the furniture or beds, as I do have a little trouble seeing and hearing, so it makes me uncomfortable to be that high in the air.

I love it when my fosters sit on the floor next to me and rub my belly.

I am a vegetarian, not by choice, but my fosters put me on a diet when I arrived and have lost approximately 6 - 7 lbs and I am a comfortable 24 lbs today.

I enjoy quiet meals and snacks and they make me very happy.

I am in search of the perfect family that is looking for a very low key and loving partner(s) that will be willing to share their home with me.

Photo not available

Welcome Allie to PugHearts, she is a beautiful 12 years young winky.

Allie is a bit hard of hearing but once she gets you in her sights she will be your shadow, unless you walk by a comfy dog bed, then she’s down for a nap!

Allie has some much needed dental work that is going to be handled December 29th.

Because of her dental it has taken a couple days to find the food she is comfy eating.

She has not had any accidents in the house, take her outside to powder her nose and she does her business and ready to come back inside.

If your wanting a laid back super senior this girl fits the bill!

Photo not available

Albus (aka Noah) is a sweet senior who will turn 13 the day after Christmas.

He and his bonded brother Alfred (aka Moses) found themselves here through no fault of their own.

This boy is blind, somewhat deaf and was diagnosed with cancer (mast cell) in 2011.

Noah (PH Albus) was on hospice care with his best friend Moses (PH Alfred).

He had heart failure, vestibular disease and defective hips but he was a happy guy.

He lost his Moses but had the crew here to hang out with.

His condition did worsen but he was still happy; cold laser treatment on his hips bought him a couple more months but then his breathing got bad and it was time to free him from his failing body.

He left to be with his BFF Moses in February 2017.

Photo not available

Moses (PH Alfred) Moses earned his wings May 28, 2016 when an undetected brain tumor suddenly blew up, and he was released from pain.

He was a sweet and gentle pugman who loved to sing "the song of his people" whenever the mood struck…which was sometimes the middle of the night.

I miss my morning serenades.

Photo not available

Bruce is a 16 year old male owner surrender.

~ From Bruce (with some help from his foster): Bruce here and let me tell you I have been having fun getting lots of snuggles and love from foster mom.

My short legs may fool a few but I still get around but not as good as I used I going on 17 years old.

I love my naps and my food boy do I love my food and treats.

HW negative, get along well with other dogs and ready for a forever home.

I Have lost a most sight and hearing but you know how it is as we get older but I can still here when foster mom calls my name and can see her hand me a treat.

Did I tell you I love my treats.

If you are comfortable with a guy who is laid back and a little slow then I am your guy.

Bruce crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the arms of his Mom on 3/8/2018.

He is loved greatly and will be adored forever.

Photo not available

I’m Buster; I’m heartworm negative and 8 years old.

I love to lie around and be lazy!

I don’t see very well but my foster mommy put different scents around the house so I could learn my way around pretty easily.

It took me about three days and well, it’s like I’ve lived with them forever.

I love to suckle on my doggie toys and if you pull on it I will play tug of war.

I also enjoy playing with you if you put your hand under a blanket.

I would probably do best with a house with older kids or without kids, although I get along with my human foster brother I’m not particularly fond of being picked up or moved.

My human foster brother who is five likes to be the boss and well….I am an older gentleman set in my ways.

I do get along fine though with my foster brothers!

I’m potty trained!

When I learn my way around the house I actually bark to go outside.

I love to be where you are but am perfectly content to sleep on the floor in or outside of a crate.

I’m pretty much perfect, except for that silly dry eye that has caused me to lose quite a bit of my eyesight (NOT ALL of it though).

I require drops twice a day for the rest of my life, BUT I promise to love you forever!


Photo not available

Angel is a 12 year old female.

She is very vision impaired and deaf.

She is looking for someone to love her forever and let her be a princess.

From Angel's foster: Angel is a sweet, loving senior pug.

Angel prefers to hang out with docile, laid back, submissive dogs that are more the speed of a blind and deaf senior lady.

Angel thrives on getting "loved on".

She adores attention and cuddle time.

12-24-15: Angel Now with wings to fly You will be missed

Photo not available
Betty boop

Betty Boop was an owner surrender after her daddy passed away.

She is a 3-4 year old fawn female cutie pie!

When she falls asleep her little pink tongue slips out and is beyond adorable.

She loves to play with toys either with the other dogs or by herself.

She is a good bed sleeper and stays in one spot all night.

She is crate trained, house trained and leash trained.

She circles in excitement when its’ time for a walk outside.

Boop is dominant with the other dogs (Specifically females), so a strong personality will need to keep her in check or pair her with a male in your home.

She is HW-, spayed and up to date on her shots.

She does had two medical issues that are quite manageable.

She will need Benedryl twice a day for life due to a mast cell that showed up on her leg.

Second, she will need Pepcid once a day for life for her relaxed esophagus.

And she must be held upright for 30 minutes after eating for the food to travel down into her stomach.

We really enjoy meal time because she gets to snuggle with her human and we get to cuddle her right back!

Can we say spoiled?

I can’t say enough how sweet and adorable this little girl is.

She sticks to you like glue, plays tug-of-war with toys, loves to snuggle and would be a wonderful addition to any family.

Betty Boop wants to go home with you right now!

Photo not available

Bandit is a 10 yr old diabetic male.

He has lost one eye and the other has sustained damage and is being treated.

He is a love and a perfect gentleman.

1-12-16: Sadly, Bandit left us today.

We thought he was diabetic, but it looks like he had cancer of the liver with pancreatic involvement.

He was the sweetest, most gentle guy ever.

I will miss his big squishy self.

Photo not available

Byron is a precious boy that came to PugHearts as a hospice pug.

Byron had a tumor in his mouth that was limiting his ability to eat and eventually, breathe comfortably.

Byron was a love and I was honored to care for him

Photo not available

Bebe is a small (13 pound) 12 year old female.

She came to us after being left at a local shelter.

Bebe had trauma to her eye, so that has been removed.

She was spayed and had a mammary mass removed.

This little feisty girl is waiting for the family that will treat her like the diva she knows she is.

Sadly, Bebe lost her fight with cancer.

She is now running free and healthy across the Rainbow Bridge.

We know her final days were spent surrounded with love and comfort from her foster family.

Photo not available

Annabelle is a is a 10 year old, spayed, heart worm negative girl.

Annabelle is a very sweet pug.

She is blind, and will need a family that can help her navigate their house and love her.

She wears a halo to help her navigate her surroundings.

Annabelle also walks with a slight limp from an old injury where the head of her femur was removed.

Annabelle gets along great with other dogs and does well in a crate.

She loves to be cuddled, and will cuddle people or dogs.

She has the softest coat.

Annabelle just wants some silly people to love.

12-22-16: Annabelle has left us for the Rainbow Bridge.

She left us after a battle with oral cancer that was not able to be controlled any longer.

Sleep well, sweet angel.

Photo not available

Bonnie is a 6 year old fawn female.

She comes to PugHearts sick and is being treated by our vet for possible lepto.

4-14-16: Sadly Bonnie did not make it, and she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Photo not available

Angel is a precious 10 yr old female.

She came to PugHearts in terrible condition.

She has a broken back, broken and dislocated hip, broken pelvis, untreated severe dry eye and severe heartworm positive with a heart murmur.

The only healing we could provide her was to allow her to cross the Rainbow bridge with love and dignity.

Photo not available

Anela came to PugHearts from a local shelter.

She was in renal failure and shock due to extreme dehydration.

We did all we could, but she did not make it.

Anela crossed the Rainbow Bridge when her body could no longer take it.

She was with us for only a short time, but will be loved forever.

Photo not available

Abner is a senior fawn male.

He is squishy and cuddly and we are all in love with him already!

From Abner's foster: Abner is amazing!

He is 13 years old, blind, deaf, doesn’t have a tooth in his head and is perfect!

It is thought he was bonded to another foster I had, Sampson, but I don’t think he was.

He has adjusted extremely well and is completely off all anxiety medications.

Abner doesn’t do much, he just walks around and when he wants to rest lays down where he’s at and takes a nap.

He does like to be held, he seems to like me to talk to him, I believe he feels the vibrations in my chest.

Abner is an extremely easy pug to care for.

I put him out on the patio to potty with the whole group of fosters and he will walk around and do his business.

I usually do have to go into the yard to bring him back in, but in the last week he has been at the patio door twice so I think he may be getting more comfortable with the yard.

Abner is completely adoptable.

He’s not sick, no medications at all.

He potties outside (I have to put him out though).

He doesn’t bark unless he wants something (usually food).

But the most amazing thing about Abner is his face.

He is the most handsome old guy I’ve ever had.

I can just sit for hours looking at him.

He will take a special person to commit to taking care of him but he is so worth it.

I won’t be bringing him to a lot of events but if you would like to meet him just let your adoption coordinator know and we will make it happen.

But be warned, no one has ever met Abner that didn’t fall in love with him.

Photo not available

Barbie is a 5 yr old black female.

She was given to PugHearts when her family was no longer able to care for her.

Barbie is heartworm negative and already spayed.

She has some bad skin issues and we are working with the vet to make her feel better soon.

Barbie left us due to liver failure.

She is loved and adopted by her foster Mom and the PugHearts family.

Photo not available

Benedict passed away in a shelter one night.

We wanted him to have a family, so PugHearts picked up his body and he was cremated as a PugHearts baby.

Photo not available

Meet Butters.

He comes to PugHearts with his brother and father.

Butters has an issue with his back or hips.

He will be evaluated by our vet and we will update soon.

Sadly, Butters has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

We were honored to have known you for the time we did.

Photo not available

Bertha is a 10 year old fawn female.

She is heartworm negative and dealing with a bladder infection.

This sweetie is a lover.

She does have trachea issues and is on medication to help with the coughing.

Her bladder infection cleared up well and she is feeling much more spunky.

She had her dental and spay and is doing very well.

Bertha has the softest Bunny Rabbit fur.

She is a cuddler and lover.

Our Bertha Bunny crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 8/15/2018.

She will be forever in our hearts.

Photo not available

Bear is a handsome 9 year old heartworm negative pug of love.

His handsome face has some cute expressions and you can't help but smile when you look at him.

He lost his battle with collapsing trachea.

He is completely loved and adored.

Photo not available

Bandit is a 9 year old black male.

He is heartworm negative and has a dental scheduled soon.

Meet Bandit.

Bandit is the among sweetest of vandals.

Owner surrender thru no fault of his own, Bandit is a svelte, compact, 19#, 9 year old black male stunner.

He is polite, pug-friendly, & displays perfect leash manners.

He appears housebroken.

He is heartworm negative & already neutered.

Loved forever by the Bender Family.

Photo not available

Bee comes to PugHearts with her sister Bumble.

This cute pair is what everyone is buzzing about.....Are they meant for your beehive?

They are being adopted separately.

Photo not available

Binky is an older girl at 12.

Her human passed away and she just needs somewhere with a nice soft bed to hang out for her Golden Years.

She is extremely well behaved.

She is learning that it’s ok to get on my furniture so I assume that was a no no in her previous life.

Well, welcome to my house girl!

She is deaf, but she doesn’t miss a beat of what happens around her, unless of course she is asleep.

She has a touch of arthritis, but with medication that isn’t an issue.

Binky just wants to be loved and taken care of.

I always feel so bad for these guys that lose their human and then have to go to a strange place with strange people.

Won’t you please consider this sweet old lady, she really needs a family of her own again.

Photo not available

Beans is a 19 year old pug who loves 3 things: eating, sleeping, and eating again.

He came to PugHearts a tad overweight at 26 pounds, but he has shed 2 pounds so far.

He loves soft toys and is quite the character.

Beans has had successful surgery to rid him of bladder stones, so he must stay on a restrictive diet to avoid a re-occurrence.

He also has an old injury to his left eye and has no vision in it.

Beans is a sedentary fellow who is happy with a low key lifestyle.

He is happiest when he knows where you are and will especially follow you if you make your way into the kitchen....his favorite room.

Beans sleeps in his own bed and is house trained.

He gets along with other dogs and ignores the cat.


Beans, as I refer to him, is a total sweetheart who is looking for a quiet home for his retirement years.


Photo not available

Benjamin is a 1 year old male from a loving family.

He is dealing with some medical issues and his family made the difficult decision to release him to PugHearts to try and save his life.

Stay tuned

Photo not available

Baloo is a spry 10 year old male from New Orleans.

He is severe heartworm positive and will have to go through heartworm treatment prior to adoption.

He gets along well with the other pugs in the house, but is hesitant if you reach for him to fast or try to do mean things (like a bath, ear cleaning or nail trim), but we are working on that.

Sad Update: Baloo is severe heartworm positive and the heartworms have done too much damage to his heart for us to treat his successfully.

He is now a hospice pug and we will work to make his last days as happy and loved as possible.

Photo not available

Meet Augustus.

He is about 9 yrs old.

He comes to PugHearts with an injury to his front foot that turned out to be a tumor.

Sadly, the tumor was so severe that he lost his leg.

Augustus is heartworm negative and was obviously loved before he found himself in a shelter.

From his foster family: It is true.

Auggie loves to be near his people.

He will move from room to room to lay at our feet.

He is a more stoic personality most of the time.

My feeling is he lost a lot more than a leg.

I think he missed his first life, his first family.

So he takes his time to warm up and learn to trust his new home situation.

Perhaps he was an only dog also so it took him a couple of months to get used to being one of 4 dogs.

Now he often acts as one of the pack.

Auggie likes his feeding routines and walks.

He starts out in a stroller and along the way will ask to be let out so he can potty and do some sniffing and walking.

This beautiful older gentleman dog will be a wonderful companion in a quiet home.

Auggie Doggy, you are amazing and will be forever missed.

Photo not available

Foster Boris is a 10 year old double winky.

He is crate trained but loves to sleep on rugs at front or back door.

Boris does not bark.

He loves to be outside in good weather and just roam the yard smelling everything.

Boris would love a senior family to love and take care of him.

Photo not available

Bennett came to PugHearts from a shelter in south Texas.

He was suffering from pneumonia and heartworms.

Sadly, Bennett also had a spleenic tumor and we could not save him.

He left us for the Rainbow Bridge knowing we love him.

Photo not available
Bette midler

Introducing The Divine Miss M - BETTE MIDLER!!!

She is a spunky, beautiful girl who has had her share of medical woes.

She came to PugHearts recently, by way of a shelter, followed by Friends of the Animals in Baton Rouge.

Bette Midler now lives in Lake Charles.

Bette is a Hospice patient who has severe heart worms, a malignant growth in her mouth, an old injury/fractured pelvis, collapsed trachea, pneumonitis and on and on.

She obviously did not get the memo because she is frisky, happy, and always on the move.

Her specialty is being so darn cute.

She is also a professional beggar.

Bette Midler will live out her life with her brothers Walter Roo Roo and Galileo along with her doting caregivers.

Please say a prayer for this happy, vibrant pug who has no clue she is ill. HOSPICE

Photo not available

Bernadette came to PugHearts from Louisiana.

She was rescued from there after witnesses saw her being thrown from a car (or hit by the car) and landing in a ditch.

We estimate that Bernadette is 10 years old.

She’s a winky, and is both blind and deaf.

She also has complete paralysis of one of her front legs, which will require amputation.

She has trouble maneuvering her surroundings due to not being able to see or hear.

Her foster mom is carrying her most of the time to avoid pressure sores on her paralyzed leg that drags when she moves.

Bernadette will require a dental as well due to severe dental disease.

Bernadette will spend her Christmas at The Rainbow Bridge, pain free.

We made the decision that an amputation wouldn’t be fair to her poor little body, and she became more anxious and more confused as time went on.

She knew love from PugHearts and from her foster mommy, who was with her, holding her close as she went to sleep.

Photo not available

Archer has settled in seamlessly to our household of 2 cats and a dog.

He’s bright and attentive and show no signs of abuse.

He’s been somebody’s loved dog at one time.

Seem to know a few cues, he’ll sit and come when told and knows what a sharp “no” means when peeing on a potted plant on my porch.

Didn’t know about dog beds, but he’s figured it out.

Doesn’t know about toys either but quickly learned about chew bones!

He walks well on a leash, as he’s very polite and doesn’t mind the slowness of my extremely reluctant walker, Zoe.

But he’ll step right out when she does decide to move!

Hip dysplasia and arthritis aren’t readily apparent.

He’s sweet with the cats and my grand-kids (ages 3,5, and 8) and loves the attention they shower on him!

He lets me know with the cutest howl when he want to go out so I haven’t taught him about the dog door yet.

He has a great deep little old man bark.

His skin issue seems to have already lessened in intensity as he’s not worrying his leg that he gnawed on the first few days.

He has an occasional coughing jag, thinking from the heartworms?

He loves to snuggle and the first time I returned home after leaving him, he was cuddled up right next to Zoe in my bedroom so not waiting by the door.

He does move to room to room with me but he’s not needy.

He’s a great dog and will be easy to adopt out once we get him healthy!

Archer is the friendliest little guy, bright and sweet as can be.

He appears to be around 8 years old and was found on the streets but he was obviously someones buddy at some point in his life.

He’s housebroken and does well with other dogs, cats and kids!

He’s very polite and social and enjoys his walks and does well on a leash.

He’s a snuggler and likes nothing more than laying around on the couch with his human and animal companions.

He’s HW+ which will be treated and has some arthritis and hip dysplasia but gets around just fine and seems to have no problem with steps.

He’s a great little pug and will easily fit into a loving family!

Photo not available

You were my heart foster, you were the miracle puppy, you were my why I am PugHearts.

This morning Bonkers gained his wings.

I do not have the words to express how broken my heart is right now, shattered doesn’t even come close.

I am in complete and utter shock.

Bonkers was truly the most special foster I’ve ever had.

With his little double curled tail, and the sweetest little face, he was simply perfect.

We called him “Moose” because he was the tiniest puppy we had ever fostered.

He was so silly, he was so smart, he was always so proud of himself, especially when he was being mischievous- his favorite thing, and he was everything that PugHearts’ embodies.

Bonkers came to us as a 6 week old puppy who was left at the shelter because the breeder said he was failing to thrive…we knew that was untrue from his first day with us.

He survived encephalitis, something that we didn’t think would happen, and he would have had his last chemo treatment on the 19th of January.

I have so many wonderful memories of this special baby packed into the 10 months we fostered him and it is so hard to wrap my head around the fact that he is gone.

Being his foster was such a beautiful gift, something that I truly cherished every single day.

He brought so much joy to those who met him, and made everyone smile when we’d walk to the bus stop with him in his stroller.

Sometime over the weekend, Bonkers ate a piece of string, we don’t know where it came from or how he got it.

It could have been from a stray firework that landed in our yard.

Sunday morning he was fine, but by the evening he wasn’t feeling well.

I rushed him to SLPH yesterday morning where Dr. Hendrix was able to perform a successful surgery to remove the intestinal blockage, but his body simply wasn’t strong enough to recover.

Sometime early this morning he left us.

As I sit here, I still can’t believe what I am writing, I am honestly shattered.

A true piece of my heart is gone.

Bonkers, I love you more than words could ever say, and I will miss you more than you will ever know.

Promise me you’ll visit me in my dreams, “Moose”… Sometimes angels have paws, and their time with us is short but they live in our hearts forever.

Sleep well, sweet baby, and please wait for me at Rainbow Bridge, where I’ll be able to kiss that beautiful face of yours once again!

Photo not available

Brue is a 10 year old pug who came to PugHearts after spending 5 days in a shelter.

She stayed in the loving, caring home of a volunteer in the New Orleans area awaiting transport to Houston.

Her transport was “Paws and Pilots” program.

Brue and Ace (a Scottie who went to Scottie Rescue) arrived in ?

?Conroe on Sunday afternoon.

A very special Thanks to all who made this happen.

Lil Miss Brue had her intake exam Monday .

Honestly, it was better than I thought, but still not good.

The good thing: Heartworm NEGATIVE No parasites No pneumonia Does not appear to have been used for breeding Now the not go good thing: Collapsing trachea Cataract right eye Shrunken globe left eye?

Limited if any vision Hair thinning across body with redness of skin Skin condition due to low grade allergies Urinalysis: bladder infection with possible kidney involvement Body condition 3/9.

Which means she is thin Her spine is bowed as if she were kept in a small kennel Brue is eating well, and loves her fluff trough which makes it easy for her eat.

She is on medications to help with the conditions she has.

PugHearts will continue to treat and monitor her progress.

Photo not available

Boudreaux, aka Little B, is a 8 year old reddish-fawn intact boy.

He has a couple medical issues that we are currently working on so it may be a couple months until he’s ready to find his forever family.

He has the cutest underbite and loves humans.

He would rather be the only dog or live along older low-energy dogs.

Younger energetic dogs make him uneasy and anxious.

He is potty and crate trained.

Very quiet and reserved unless a young dog tries to play with him.

Loves to cuddle and chill by your side.

Photo not available

Birdie came to PugHearts from a local shelter.

She was showing severe neurological issues.

After many tests and evaluations by the vet, we released her from her failing body to run free at the Rainbow Bridge.

We love you Birdie, we will see you again.

Photo not available

Although Barnett is a handsome man, he has not been well cared for.

He joined PugHearts with an ear infection, weak back legs, and heartworm positive.

Thankfully, he was immediately started on meds, and lots of love.

He is 8 years old, but still displays the attitude of a much younger dog.

He likes toys, likes to play gently, and gets super excited to see his people.

He get along great with other dogs and kids.

He sleeps quietly in his crate and travels well in the car.

He would probably do best in a home with few or no stairs due to his back legs which are a little wonky.

He would also do well with rugs strategically placed to help him gain traction.

This sweet, happy boy is ready for his forever home after his neuter (6/22/22) and his heartworm treatment.

Photo not available

Meet Bonnie, one of PugHearts' newest, she was found wandering the streets in west Houston.

Bonnie is 5 years old, heartworm negative.

She is a larger frame pug, she is not fat just muscular.

Bonnie is very calm and would prefer a calmer, only pug home.

She is the first foster we have had that we let sleep in our bed.

She loves sleeping under the covers making she she stay in contact with you.

She would a great addition for someone looking for a calm relaxed pug.

Photo not available

How long does it take to win a heart for life?

8 days.

I picked Axel up from SLPH on Wednesday, 8/3.

Axel came to PugHearts as a senior owner surrender from Laredo.

We don’t know his story, but there are clues that he was a loved and cherished family member at one time.

He was house and crate trained, healthy weight, coat and skin, and well socialized.

He was smart.

He figured out our routine within the first 24 hours he was here, happily following the gang for mealtime, potty breaks and crating up for bedtime.

He had the softest fur and would lean in hard for ear scratches.

He enjoyed chewing on toys and playing a silly game of chase with the humans.

But Axel had a cough and yucky nose so I took him to the clinic.

In short, I dropped off a pug with an upper respiratory infection Thursday morning, 8/11, and brought home a pug in hospice that evening.

There is no medical explanation for what happened to Axel.

It was just time.

Dr. Brust and the team did everything they could do for him.

Axel rallied a little when we were with him in the treatment area talking to him and loving on him.

He claimed us as his family in just 8 too short days.

I was asked if I was comfortable taking him home.

Of course I brought him home.

It wasn’t easy.

But it’s what love requires.

And oh how I loved this old guy in 8 too short days.

Axel passed peacefully and dearly loved with me by his side a few hours after we brought him home.

I am content in knowing we did right by him.

I am thankful for PugHearts bringing Axel to us even though I wish we had more time.

Axel reminded me that if the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all.

Axel reminded me that none of us knows how much time we have so we’d better make the most of it.

Even if it’s only 8 days.

“Blessed is the person who earns the love of an old dog.”-Sidney Jean Seward

Photo not available

Meet foster Awlin (meaning Queen of All Angels)!

She is 11 years old and blind and mostly deaf and was surrendered to us after her owner passed away and family and friends weren’t able to care for her.

We will know more about her health after she sees our vet later this week, but we know she is on thyroid medication and dry eye drops.

She is a slow mover, but is cautiously exploring our house while she is here for a few days.

As scary as all of this must be for her, she is so sweet and loves cuddling up to all of us, including our 6yo son.

She also doesn’t mind the other dogs here, even when they all had to sniff her and check her out on arrival.

Once she is spayed she will be looking for a new forever home where she can spend her senior years in spoiled comfort!

Photo not available

Sweet Beauregard, the only gift left to give you was release from this place and your frail body.

You mattered.

You are loved.

We will see you again.

Play now and be well.

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Arlen is a 5 year old, 26 pound hunk of wonderful pug.

This boy is super sweet, he loves to lay next to me on the couch.

He's not fond of being held but I think that's because he's not the right size for a lap dog He was found and it's pretty obvious that at one time he was someone's pet.

He's such a sweet guy.

And can you say handsome?

OMG, he's a deep, dark black, those teeth and his eyes, absolutely gorgeous.

Arlen is crate trained and has never uttered a sound when I put him in before I go to work.

He needs to be neutered and go through HW treatment since he's positive.

But let me tell you, this guy is someone you should not overlook, he's a great boy!

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Welcome PugHearts newest foster!

Abigail is a beautiful 8 year old heartworm negative, a little heavy but we are working on that!

We are still getting to know Abigail, but in the short time she has been with us her personality is starting shine through.

She is easy going, loves belly rubs and has been great letting us know when she needs to go potty.

If you’re looking for an older pug that will be your buddy for life Abigail is your girl, and check out her Grill!


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Suspected Liver Shunt PugHearts was asked to pick up two, 12 week old, Pug/Shih Tzu mixes that were left abandoned in a box in a Houston suburb.

Archer and his brother Ace are the cutest mixes you will ever meet!

But after the first night in our home, I noticed that Archer was acting a little off.

I brought him outside and watched in disbelief as I thought he had a massive seizure.

He began to stumble, it was clear that he had lost his sight, and his mouth was completely clinched.

I immediately called for help.

In just a matter of moments this baby went from a playful little puppy to a puppy who was dying in my arms.

His body went limp.

His breathing became more shallow, and his heart rate began to slow.

I kissed his head and told him I loved him.

He took his last breath, and I felt his heart stop beating.

I took a moment and put him down to find a basket to place his body, and then I noticed he started breathing.

We thought initially it was just muscle memory, because there was no air coming from his nose, his mouth was still clenched shut, and his gums were pale white.

His eyes were closed, and his body was completely unresponsive to touch or sound.

So I held sweet Archer and thought it would be only moments and he would pass peacefully in my arms, but those moments turned into hours.

I kept Archer wrapped in a blanket as his eyes remain closed and was certain that he would not be with us in the morning.

At 11:30 that night I heard a rustling sound and saw that he was not only out of the basket, but he was standing up and STILL ALIVE!

We could not believe what we were seeing.

I placed Archer on the floor and he began to walk around my bathroom.

He could not see, and he was still not aware of his surroundings.

I thought for sure this had to be some strange phenomenon because I couldn’t imagine that he would still be with me in the morning.


I woke up in the morning to find a puppy sitting up in his crate.

I don’t know where Archer went for all those hours he laid motionless and silent.

I just know that miracles happen every single day… Archer is proof of that!

We took him to the clinic in the morning where they observed him, and noticed that he was improving.

However, later that afternoon, he took a turn for the worse and started repeating the same behavior that I had seen.

Once again, he lost his sight and began walking in circles.

Our clinic ran bloodwork and found his ammonia and bile levels were off the charts.

With those results in hand, a liver shunt was suspected.

Archer is a long way from being adoptable as he has a long road ahead of him.

But this tiny little, 3 pound puppy is a true fighter!

In the next few weeks, he will need a CT scan to determine what type of liver shunt we are dealing with.

The surgery will cost thousands of dollars but PugHearts will spare no expense to save sweet Archer’s life.

We will continue to share updates and please continue to follow his journey!

Welcome to PugHearts, sweetest Archer, we are going to do everything in our power to give you the perfect life that you were always meant to have!

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Precious Bear crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a battle with parvo.

His little body could fight no more.

Run free little man.

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Foster Arthur (age 9) is ready for his forever home.

He is an owner surrender through no fault of his own so he knows what a home should be.

He is healthy and ready to be spoiled.

He loves to be around other dogs but doesn’t really play.

He is an observer.

He gets along with multiple dogs at one time He is kennel trained He is house trained He knows basic commands He has great vacuum skills to keep your floors free of miscellaneous food He loves to be loved Who needs a middle aged man in their life?

Arthur is ready to interview those interested in him joining their family.

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Sweet Bess was 12 years old and came to PugHearts after she was left at a vet clinic.

Bess, sadly, had advanced liver cancer and we released her from her illness.

We love you Bess.

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